The Real Learner

Dear Learners

Are you around 12-13 years old? Do you learn science at school? Have you used your scientific knowledge to solve any real life problems of your own? Probably not. I know, I never did – though I was a ‘class topper’ in my day! Today, as a teacher, I do not see myself as having been an ideal learner. My knowledge remained confined between the book, my head and the examination hall – and went no further. Of what use is such knowledge? Of what use to anyone today are the certificates and prizes I won long, long ago?

Who, then, is the ideal learner? In my view, this boy is. He wins his prizes from life itself, by setting himself to solve its problems. A true learner uses knowledge to experiment rationally with challenges faced. Would you agree? Watch this video and decide for yourself.

Do leave me your comments after watching. Can you, too, use your own learning beyond the school?

Sanjukta Sivakumar

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