The Brook

This  post supplements classroom lessons on Tennyson’s The Brook, a poem by Alfred Lord Tennyson. First, you could read about the poet by clicking on his name. There is a lot of information here – if you are not a good reader, then skim through. Focus on information under these headers:

  • What did he look like?
  • Which country did he belong to? 
  • During which queen’s rule did he live?
  • What title did he receive?
  • Titles of famous poems by him.

Next, listen to the poem being recited on the video here. You can watch the video while listening. The second time, listen to the video while reading the poem in your textbook silently.

How does the poem sound? Is there a rhythm you can hear? You can compare the rhythm in the poem with the actual rhythm of water in a flowing brook. Listen to the sound of nature in the video below.

Next, while you read the poem, focus on the meaning. There are many unfamiliar words in the poem. to help you understand these, I have made a Pictorial Dictionary for you. Click to read, see and understand. You should do this on your own, at home. It will help you prepare for a discussion with your peer-group in class.

Ideally, the next part of this lesson should be done, after you have discussed the meaning of The Brook with your peer-group in class. You should take notes of any new points that your friends make about the poem.

Now, to test your own understanding of Tennyson’s The Brook, try to answer these few simple Questions precisely (without digressing from the point). You can do them orally. If you can recall the answers without looking at the text then all the better.

AFTER you have discussed your own answers with your peer group and noted down the points, you may check out my Answers to the above questions.

If this post helped you, you can register for my iTunes University Course on this topic.

Sanjukta Sivakumar

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