Physics in Motion

Dear Class IX

Today, while chatting with your science teacher, I was astonished to learn, that you are unable to understand science by reading the text book until your teacher explains it all to you. I was astonished because

  1. You can read
  2. You can understand science

Yet, putting the two above sentences together sums up as ‘You CANNOT read and understand science’. Strange logic! By the law of addition, it should have been the reverse!


Now, I want to try out an experiment with you guys (and girls) as the guinea pigs. Ready and willing as always? I want to try out adding sentences 1 & 2 above, in reality. So here is the application:

  1. Please read from Chapter 8 on Motion – Pages 98-100 (3 pages only)
  2. See if you understand enough to state whether the following statements are true / false
  • A reference point is where a stationary object begins to move
  • Pages 98-100 explain circular motion
  • An odometer measures a car’s displacement and the distance travelled by it
  • Motion in a straight line is always uniform
  • I am sure all the 4 above statements are CORRECT and I challenge you to prove me wrong!

At this point you guinea pigs have two options:

  1. Read the 3 pages (98-100) and try to make some sense out of them
  2. Run crying for help to the nearest coaching centre

If you go in for the CORRECT Option from above, VK will post an online teaching video by her on this concept for you. I had a look at the current videos online – and VK can do a much better job than any of them. Agreed? Remember, the guinea pigs will earn their reward only if they select the CORRECT option.

Biting my nails in suspense to see your choice of Two Roads!

Sanjukta Sivakumar

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