The Song of the Rain

Learning Literature: CBSE Class IX

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Dear Class IX Learners

Kahlil Gibran is deep and philosophical – but he’s also enjoyable! Read to find out more about him. His writing is very relevant even today.  To get an idea about Gibran’s style and content, read some quotations from The Prophet, also written by him.

Now, Listen, Watch and Read this iMovie I made, just for you to understand the title and meaning of this poem.

Can you understand? The rain is singing a song and telling its story from its birth to its end. In an extended simile, it compares itself to stages and events from human life and history.

Here is your UNIT-12. Have you spotted the lines of the poem, omitted in your syllabus? Tell me in Comments why you think they were omitted.

The meaning of the poem belongs to the Poet and to the Reader.

Check out your Understanding of the poem by answering these questions.

The Song of the Rain

PART A: Questions

The questions below will help you to Read and Remember textual details – just Apply your Reading.

  1. What is the theme of this poem?
  2. Discuss the various origins of rain described by the poet.
  3. Why does the rain undergo penance?
  4. What are the scientific references to rain?
  5. Do you agree with the poet’s comparison of rain with love? Give reasons.

Now, after writing – counter check with these Answers.

Sanjukta Sivakumar

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