Learning by Doing

Dear Students

Did you know that 21 March is World Puppetry Day? This post is for those of you who have often come to my office to show me the interesting puppets you create out of brown paper bags, old socks, ice-cream sticks and other materials. When I see your artistry, I am reminded of this scene from the old movie Sound of Music:

Did you enjoy watching the young puppeteers and their musical show?

When you make puppets, they (you) speak about so many interesting things. They tell stories about hygiene, healthy diet, fitness, good habits, making friends. Talking about or discussing these interesting ideas help you to explore and learn more about them.

learning puppets

Puppets, thus, take you beyond books into the real world where you apply your book-learning.

Being unreal themselves, puppets yet bring learning alive. Now, that is a paradox!

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I have seen my students peer-teaching complex Maths and Science concepts at science fests and maths melas with puppets. They make learning very easy in this way.

Can you think of other examples of learning with puppets that you have enjoyed in school? Do share your experience in Comments!

Learn by doing!

Sanjukta Sivakumar

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