Welcome to Academic Session 2016-17

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Delhi Public School Tapi to Parent Communication on 04.04.2016

Welcome to the New Academic Session 2016-17

  1. Please submit 10 recent passport size photographs of your ward in school uniform (name & admission number written behind) to the class teacher within the first week of attending school.
  2. Classes III-X students should wear Blue House T-shirt with Track Pants on Tuesday & Saturday.
  3. Classes I-II will wear Blue House T-shirt with Track Pants on Tuesday & Friday.
  4. Download the GREEN BOOK from your class blog for the school rules and regulations, some of which are outlined below:
  5. It is compulsory for students to wear their Radio Frequency Identity Card (RFID Card) to school everyday, whether in uniform or in costume. Students are not allowed to board the bus without student RFID-card.
  6. Parents not availing of school bus should submit the registration and driver details of the vehicle commuting ward to school (mandatory police and RTO regulations) at our academic office.
  7. Students are not allowed to apply mehndi and come to school. Boys are not allowed to wear earrings.
  8. Pre-Nursery to Class V students should be escorted to the bus stop by parent/guardian. They should be picked up at the bus-stop by a responsible adult with the parent RFID-card.
  9. Parents/Guardians will not be permitted to enter the school gates without Parent RFID-Card.
  10. It is compulsory for all the students to bring the School Diary every day. The ‘Student Information’ section of the School Diary must be filled in by parents within the first week of attending school.
  11. You should check the school diary of your ward everyday, in the Circulars, Notes from school and Homework sections. Please acknowledge that you have read the message by signing.
  12. Please Follow your ward’s class blog and the Principal’s blog daily for updates on HW and Circulars or any other notification. The link for your ward’s class blog is available on the school website dpstapi.edu.in.
  13. Please supervise your child’s oral and written homework and related assignments. We strongly advise against tuitions.
  14. Please label all uniform items & belongings of your child with his/her Name, Admission No., Class & Section. Please check for any misplaced items in the Lost & Found Section.
  15. If students are absent for 1-2 days, parents must write an explanatory note in the school diary intimating the reason for absence. Leave for 3 or more days must be applied for via school letter pad. In case of medical leave of 3 or more days, it is mandatory for the student to submit a medical fitness certificate on the rejoining day.
  16. Students will be sent home if without iCard, with mehndi, in incorrect/dirty uniform or for serious misbehaviour.
  17. Send nutritious vegetarian tiffin, along with a clean tiffin mat and napkin every day.
  18. Carrying any kind of electronic devices like Cellphone, Camera, iPad, by students is strictly prohibited in the school premises and will be confiscated if found.
  19. For tele-queries and appointments, please contact DPS Tapi Reception at: 2204591, 09662048973. For transport related queries, please contact It is strictly forbidden to contact staff members by any other channel.
  20. We will keep in touch with you throughout the year through Class blog, Principal’s Blog, School Website and School Diary.

Sanjukta Sivakumar


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