Read to Keep Fit

Dear Students

Today is World Health Day. Here is a two-in-one post for you all. The combo-pack is reading with fitness. Surprised?

You always thought that reading makes for a couch potato? Wrong! Look at this picture.


Here are some interesting sites for you to visit and read – to learn how to set fitness goals for yourself, and for your family. I hope you make use of these to raise your own fitness levels and to set challenges for yourself:

There’s plenty more – but these will get you out of the couch, away from the TV or computer, and see you moving into a healthy lifestyle.

Remember, however, that you should consult your parents before you begin any new exercise/diet routine!

Now, here’s a voting option for you:

Which of these is a healthy lifestyle choice?
Eating only what you want
Exercising regularly
Playing with friends
Thinking good thoughts
Limiting junk food
Sleeping for 6-7 hours
Chatting on the Internet
Playing digital games
Wearing branded exercise gear
Watching games and sports channels

Live long and healthy!

Sanjukta Sivakumar

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