Festivities Galore

Dear Students

We Indians are very lucky to have so many religions and cultures, making our Indian festive season the longest in the world. We are always in the midst of celebration. There are various new years, spring festivals, Guru parabs, Eids – you name it, we observe it in India.

Elsewhere, people may go to war over their differences – we Indians prefer to celebrate as many different festivals as we can, making life a permanent festivity. No time to fight – there’s always one more festival to be celebrated waiting just around the corner. It is no wonder, then, that in India (in CBSE EVS textbooks) we divide our manifold festivals into three neat categories of National, Religious and Seasonal Festivals!

I wish fellow Indians joy of all Indian festivals, regardless of personal favourites, reiterating the essential fact that no matter how stressful modern life might become at times – our perennial festivals make life worthwhile, joyous and fulfilling.

One of the best ways to celebrate is with friends at school – an opportunity which will end after you pass out of school. So, do not miss out on this opportunity by remaining absent during festivities at school.

Be a Friendly Festive Indian – Live Happy!

I end with a mini Festival Quiz below for my students. Send me correct answers in Comments. I will enable ALL Comments – so you can also correct errors through Comments where required.

(1) What is this Jewish candelabra called?


(2) What does the Arabic script below say?


(3) What is the name of this Zoroastrian angel?

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(4) In which script is the Hindu symbol below written?


(5) What is the name of this Buddhist object?


(6) Name the three parts of this Sikh symbol.


(7) In which year was Jesus Christ born and when did he die?


(8) Identify the costume worn by the female Bihu dancers from Assam and the hat they are holding.


(9) In which Indian months is Lohri celebrated?

(10) What is the meaning of the Tamil word ‘pongal’

(3) On which date was the Indian tricolour first hoisted?


(4) Name the lake where the Golden Temple stands.


What’s your score? I hope this has made you love all Indian festivals

Sanjukta Sivakumar

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