Student Illness

Dear Parents / Authorised Guardians

I sometimes see students lying ill in the infirmary – even in the first period! They tell me that they were feeling uneasy or even ill at home, but their parents forced them to come to school, so as not to miss their studies.

I firmly believe that the right place for a sick child is under parental care, at home.

I do not believe, moreover, that even a sincere student can learns much while lying on an infirmary bed.

I therefore request all parents to please keep a closer eye on their children, and if they seem at all out of sorts, to keep them under your observation, at home. The school allows 10% leave out of working days for illness. In case of serious or prolonged illness, the school has always been lenient. So, I repeat, do not send a sick child to school. It is most unpleasant for an ailing child to travel all the way to school and back home.

Moreover, as per school rules, a student who leaves school with gate pass after writing an exam, will be marked zero for that exam. This should prevent students from leaving a sickbed to write exams.

Students with fractures should avoid travel by school bus while in plaster cast to avoid chances of further injury.

Submit a medical fitness certificate from your doctor when rejoining school after a long or severe illness. Also submit a written application stating the reason for absence.

If you do wish your ward to have a steady attendance at school, over the year, please look after health issues and limit absences due to other personal reasons.

Sanjukta Sivakumar


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