A Green Thought in a Green Shade

Dear Students

Today, the first Saturday of May, is the World Garden Day. Who in the world doesn’t love a green garden?

“Meanwhile the mind,…   

Withdraws into its happiness;…   

Annihilating all that’s made   

To a green thought in a green shade.”

                               – Andrew Marvell

As you may guess, The Garden by Andrew Marvell, is my favourite metaphysical poem. The poem may be a little difficult for most of you children to understand, but I am sure you all share the love that the Elizabethans and Jacobeans living in 16th and 17th century England had for combinations of gardens, greenery and flowing water.

The Mughals in India had the same passion for waterfalls and gardens. Look at Nishat Bag in Srinagar:


Nature itself has many combinations of forests, waterfalls, streams and brooks that you can see if you click on Waterfalls in PicturesHave you visited any such places as shown in these picture links?

A lovely cool thought to begin your summer vacation.

Isn’t there something really soothing to the human mind in the view of green with flowing, rippling water, glinting with sun rays, or dark in the shade?

I find it so. What about you? Do tell me in Comments – What is your favourite natural scenery made up of?

Sanjukta Sivakumar

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