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Delhi Public School Tapi: School to Parent Communication on 13.06.2016 

Dear Parents / Authorised Guardians

In response to parental requests, we have reviewed school timings and bus routes over the summer vacation. All DPS Tapi students will be leaving school earlier than before the vacation w.e.f. Wednesday, 15/06/2016. Some bus routes will also change w.e.f. Wednesday, 15/06/2016.

Please click here for your ward’s bus route details.

Please note:

  • Pick-up and drop timings will change – new timings to be intimated via school diary / class blog latest by 14/06/2016.
  • Some bus stop locations may change slightly – this will be intimated by bus conductor / escort to parent or (no-escort) student at the bus stop during pick-up/drop by 14/06/2016.
  • Some I-cards may change due to Bus Route Number changes – temporary I-cards will be issued to these specific students at school latest by 14/06/2016, followed by due procedure for issuing new I-cards when ready.
  • All the above changes will be intimated to you latest by 14/06/2016. But absentees will have to contact school or admin office on Mon-Sat between 10.00 am – 4.00 pm for bus updates missed by them.
  • New timings and routes will come into effect from Wednesday, 15/06/2016.
  • Please bear in mind that the pre-trialled timings allotted to you may change slightly in actuality. The real timings will become more apparent over the rest of the week. The actual drop/pick-up time at your stop will be rechecked by our Transport Committee over the week. Where necessary, updated pick-up/drop timings will be informed via your ward’s school diary / class blog by 20/06/2016.
  • If after 20/06/16, there is still major (over 5 minutes) and continued discrepancy between actual and notified timing, then please email your actual noted timing details with the stop and route to
  • Lastly, I request parents and guardians to bear patiently with bus delays or early arrivals (bus miss) for the first week or two, without losing their temper and entering into altercations with school staff. Remember, our ultimate intention is to ensure a smooth and comfortable commute between home and school for your ward. Further, no new bus stops will be created during AS 2016-17.

Please click here for your ward’s bus route details.


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