Independence with Responsibility

Dear Students 


We Indians celebrate Independence but understand it vis-à-vis our individual concerns. Let us, then, look at some relevant issues that concern DPS Tapi.

I do not support the narrow definition of nationalism that leads to disagreements about political territory, religion, culture, language, ethnicity and almost every other defining difference that exists. In the present era, I think, it is time to take national identities as one of our many traditional givens, and move on beyond it to global perspectives of citizenship.

Ours is an age of knowledge explosion with technology as its chief medium of information access and learning. To be successful as a global citizen, you must know more than you do at present. My students, therefore, should not miss the boat. They should be able to use technology and master its many challenges. They should be able to read, understand, write (i.e. think) better than at present. To this end, I not only encourage students through class blogs, computer and iPad labs and robotics and photography workshops – but also to refrain from indiscriminate social-networking. This should clearly indicate that my approach to technology (and students) is not mindless.

I want my students to learn more and acquire more useful skills for the future and to be responsible and discerning in their quest – not to just get homework done. It may have serious longterm consequences if you restrict your potential to learn and grow out of mere laziness.

Parents should always guide and monitor their children’s usage of the Internet – and remain abreast of  their children’s access of the Internet – whether they have accounts, or if their accounts have been hacked and they have been victimised by cyber bullies, or worse, that they may be hacking friends’ accounts and becoming cyber bullies!

In the given scenario of non-stop, obsessive and addictive social-networking, I believe that class blogs with online research of useful facts and information and workshops on robotics, photography, etc. are a safe and sane alternative portal to the proper use of the Internet. Choose independently but wisely in India today and beyond.


Sanjukta Sivakumar

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