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Mahatma Gandhi at Noakhali, West Bengal

Mahatma Gandhi at Noakhali, West Bengal

Today is Gandhi Jayanti. Think about these words of the great man:

“You must be the change you want to see in the world.”

“As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world – that is the myth of the atomic age – as in being able to remake ourselves.”

These lines mean that if you change how you think, feel and act, then you will change your world. The world around you will change  because the change within makes you behave in proactive ways you wouldn’t have even have thought about in your old thought patterns.

Gandhi belonged to India but his origins lie in Gujarat.

Our city, Surat, also in Gujarat, is famous today for diamonds, textiles, and as a city that makes people rich. We need to add to this. Surat, and Gujarat, is also famous for its tradition of sharing and giving away. To achieve true greatness, this is important. Today, I would like you to watch two videos on Warren Buffet and Bill Gates, many times billionaires, who gave away their huge fortunes for the welfare of needy people all over the world.

Warren Buffet

Bill Gates

These people were great achievers who were also able to think beyond their immediate families to the greater ideal of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam (considering the entire world as their family). Should this not be the goal of learning? What are your thoughts? Do share in Comments.

Sanjukta Sivakumar

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