A Green Thought in a Green Shade

Meanwhile the mind, from pleasure less,
Withdraws into its happiness;

Annihilating all that’s made
To a green thought in a green shade.

– Andrew Marvell,

The Garden.

Dear Students

Since the inception of DPS Tapi in 2009, I have looked at you and the trees you have planted on campus every year and wondered at your combined growth. I feel a deep satisfaction that almost every shrub and tree on campus has been planted by students, marking some important event in our school’s history or in their own lives. You and our trees are bound together by shared histories. Our campus is as green and fresh as you are enthusiastic and creative!

Your flowering and fruitful birthdays beautify our campus.



The annual DPS Tapi Gardening Week has reached a new dimension of creativity this Monsoon 2016, as Class V-A sowed, watered, weeded and finally harvested vegetables for the first time, from your very own garden patch near the new DPS Tapi Sports Complex. I am specially proud of you as you chose to gift your “crop” by lottery to the Didis and Bhaiyyas who are daily working for you and helping you in school. You have made them very happy indeed!

Every one at DPS Tapi has a garden, in a bottle, on a tray, in the window or outside! Let us hope this green culture is here to stay at school.

When you plant a tree, you provide food, shelter and life to a whole eco-system of birds, animals, reptiles and insects. So, if you plant a tree at every happy occasion in your life, or even when you lose someone you love, you plant a tree in their memory, then you will create a green world wherever you live. Isn’t that a lovely green, shady thought?

Here’s pictures of the DPST V-A Veggie-Gardeners:

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Dr. Sanjukta Sivakumar


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