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Delhi Public School Tapi Communication to Parent on 07.10.2016

Dear Parents of DPS Tapi

This is the time of year, when I usually begin my planning for the next academic session. I continually try to improve our inputs in academics and co-curriculars because I believe that the best is yet to come.

I usually take democratic decisions, in consensus with teachers. Parental feedback also influences my decisions on the welfare of our students. But few parents directly express their views to me, being too busy to come frequently to school.

DPS Tapi Learning Partnership Feedback Form

Parents being crucial stakeholders in our Learning Partnership, your inputs would be an added and valuable guide to curriculum planning. This time, therefore, I would like to invite all parents to share your ideas on how to make DPS Tapi into your ideal school. You can contribute in two phases:

Phase-1: Please click on DPS Tapi Learning Partnership Feedback Form to complete and submit before 31/10/2016. The collated ratings and suggestions will then be analysed for further discussion in Phase-2.

Phase-2: Parents who submit the form will later be invited to a meeting (preferably on a Saturday) to discuss how your feedback in Phase-1 can be validly implemented in the coming academic session.

Report Cards and PTMs on 08/10/16 and 15/10/16

In response to parental request, the FA-2 & SA-1 and 1st Term-End Report Card PTMs are both on Saturdays as per my earlier communication in DPST/CIR/26/16-17 on 22/09/16. This time, we are attempting to put your ward’s report cards in advance of the PTM date on the DPS android and ios App so that you can download and see the report at your own convenience. This will do away with the necessity to print the report cards, thus saving paper. You may then attend the PTM to discuss your ward’s performance.

Please note that a printed booklet of the latest Delhi Public School Tapi Learning Partnership Guide is enclosed along with this circular printed and sent with your ward

Dr. Sanjukta Sivakumar


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