Fight Child Abuse

Dear Students

Today is the World Day for Prevention of Child Abuse.

Fighting against and spreading awareness about sexual abuse of children is our collective social and moral duty.

This is a delicate subject that parents and children, as well as teachers, are hesitant to approach. Yet, a principal’s role is to step beyond the comfort zone to do what is necessary rather!

Some psychiatrists say that those who sexually abuse children are mentally diseased.

I, however, am more concerned about providing relief and support to the victims of sexual abuse and protection to potential victims.

There are two videos below, which provide awareness and guidance to both children, as well as parents and teachers. Please take time to watch these, and discuss the guidelines and strategies provided with your immediate family.

You must understand that everyone in your life should not be treated as a potential child abuser. But you must know how to protect yourself if an unfortunate situation should arise.

For students, this video provides useful Do’s and Don’ts:

For parents, there are useful statistics, guidelines and helplines:

Sanjukta Sivakumar

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