Nursery Experiential Excursion

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Delhi Public School Tapi Communication to Parent on 21.11.2016

Dear Parents/ Authorised Guardians of Nursery

School has arranged a short Experiential Learning Excursion to Narmad Library at Ghod Dod Road on Thursday, 24 November 2016 for Nursery students.

Please Note:

  • Male and female teachers will escort the students.
  • The excursion will take place during school hours.
  • Pick-up and Drop time will be as usual.
  • There are no charges for this Experiential Learning Excursion.
  • In case your child does not take part in this trip, s/he will miss school on this date.
  • For any further queries related to the excursion please contact DPST Reception.
  • You are requested to complete and send the Consent form along with your ward by 22November 2016. Your ward will NOT be allowed to accompany the group for the excursion without the consent form.
  • Please read the dps-tapi-guidelines-for-student-safety-on-excursions and explain them to your ward.

Dr. Sanjukta Sivakumar


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