Pre-Nursery Experiential Learning Excursion

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Delhi Public School Tapi Communication to Parent on 23.01.2017

Dear Parents / Authorised Guardians of Pre- Nursery

This is to notify the arrangement of an Experiential Learning Excursion for students as follows:

Classes Venue Day-Date Duration Departure & Arrival
Pre-Nursery Jyotindra Dave Garden Fri 27/01/17 1 Day Normal School Timings & Transport
Consent Last Date Cost Dress Code
25/01/17 Nil School Uniform with I-card
  • Participation in the excursion is optional. Students not participating may remain absent on excursion date.
  • Please read the dps-tapi-guidelines-for-student-safety-on-excursions and explain 
them to your ward.
  • Consent submission before / on last date is mandatory for participation in the excursion.
  • Teachers will escort the students to ensure their wellbeing.
  • You may contact DPST Reception for further excursion related queries.

Dr. Sanjukta Sivakumar


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