Circle Time and Panchayat

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News Update from Tapi Tarang 2017-18…

The first Circle Time (Classes I-V) and Class Panchayat (Classes VI-X) for 2017-18 were held today.

This is scheduled on timetable for every Wednesday as quality time for students to discuss their problems, look for solutions and come up with strategies to deal with their difficulties.

Teachers should take a back seat but they also scrutinise the issues concerning their students. It allows students to explore and address issues which concern them. They also get to know each other’s opinions, feelings and ideas.

The ideas thrown up today were punctuality, concentration and exam expectations. Students discussed subjects which they find difficult to study and different strategies to overcome their dislike. They derived the key words – Focus-Practice-Be Confident. The sessions generated a positive exchange of personal practices and success formulae.

A good jump start to Academic Session 2017-18!

Click Here and Here for some selective pics of students in introspective discussion.

The Health and Nutrition Week is also going strong. Hopefully parents will try some of the healthy tiffin recipes uploaded. Click Here for a visual update.

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