Health Awareness Workshops for Students

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News Flash from Tapi Tarang 2017-18
Jarma Health and Physical Awareness Workshops 2017 were conducted for Classes Pre Nursery-X students on 1 May 2017 at DPS Tapi, for their mental and emotional development, to help fight obesity, and build self-esteem. Visiting experts from Jarma Healthcare conducted different sessions to raise student awareness.

Pre Nursery – Class II students attended an Oral Hygiene Session, sang personal hygiene rhymes and watched animated videos on minute details of oral health.

Classes III-V students attended a Diet and Nutrition Session discussing the benefits of healthy dietary habits, Food Pyramid, Diet Platter, and Junk Food versus Healthy Food through interactive presentation.

Changing Bodies Session, consisting of Adolescence and Obesity Sessions for Classes V-X boys and girls, will help students cope with crucial mental, physical, hormonal and emotional changes in life. Animated discussions on effects of junk food, mood swings, and importance of hygiene, helped break down traditional taboos and ignorance in adolescence issues.

Click Here for pictures of the event.

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