Fit for Happiness

Dear Students

29 August is National Sports Day. So, this post is all about action and fun! So, no munching and reading/viewing – you should not exercise on a full stomach!

You can be fit to be happy to be happy to be fit! It’s a new fitness tongue-twister I just invented – a fitness exercise for the tongue!

tongue twister

Now don’t get your tongue in a twist trying out the pics above!

I would like you to watch these videos and mirror the moves you see.

This first one is for the little ones – but even you older children, see if you can be as graceful as the leader:

Did you enjoy the baby animal moves?
Next, here is an exercise video for the intellectuals among you children! You’ll find exercise for the brain very similar to that for the rest of your body – with a really catchy tune!

This last one is for those who usually avoid exercise – it begins with lots of reasons for not doing the moves at all!

Now, I hope, you’re sweating and smiling – and not just sitting still on your chair/sofa/bed and grinning at your computer screen.

I’m offering you a fitness challenge. There’s lots of moves on these videos. Do keep trying out a few in between study periods at school, or when you’ve been sitting in one place for a long time, watching T.V. or reading. See if you can get your friends, parents and even teachers to join you in these Happy Moves.

Don’t forget to exercise daily to feel really happy to be fit to be fit to be happy!

Sanjukta Sivakumar


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