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30.08.2017 Communication from Delhi Public School Tapi

Dear Parent / Authorised Guardian

I am deeply concerned for some of our students who are using foul, abusive and unacceptable words and phrases at school. Even worse, a few students have defaced school property by scribbling these offensive words on classroom furniture and washroom walls. This will not be tolerated and DPS Tapi will not permit its atmosphere to be vitiated in this manner. School is taking very strict action in a bid to identify the real culprits. We wish to nip such nasty practices in the bud before they become lifelong habit.

Unfortunately, there is a prevalent global youth culture, where the casual use of swear words is seen as ‘cool’ and attractive. Many students who cannot even speak fluently in English yet, are however, picking up objectionable vocabulary without realising the consequences or context of such usage. I am concerned that the use of foul language is spreading by imitation at school, home and elsewhere when children are interacting with siblings and friends, as no DPS parent or teacher will use objectionable language in the hearing of young children. But an increasing number of students are resorting to foul language very frequently. This needs to be corrected through constant supervision and correction by parents and teachers. Teachers are duly vigilant at school to identify miscreants and counsel them. But outside school, I request that all parents should be similarly alert about their children’s companions and interaction.

DPS Tapi has always followed a transparent Learning Partnership with parents. I am voicing my concern to you, so that you can carefully monitor your wards and counsel them about the kind of vocabulary which is considered socially unacceptable in your own decent family background. Speech is an important aspect of self identity and every student reveals his/her family upbringing in their public speech and behaviour. Let us hope that we can provide our students with the ability to discriminate and make wise choices, instead of blindly following the latest trends.

Dr. Sanjukta Sivakumar


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