Green Monsoon 2017 at DPS Tapi

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News Flash from Tapi Tarang

“Where green plants are grown, love and care is sown”.

Man and Nature are interdependent.

Continuing the ongoing tradition of Green Monsoon, this year too, Pre-nursery to Class V students began celebrating this August with myriad go-green activities in each class.

Pre-nursery, Nursery and Prep students sowed seed in different medium like soil, water and cotton, observed and recorded its growth. They also went for nature walk collected different leaves and pasted in their scrap book. The learners were curious and interested to know the growth of the plant.The main idea was to make them aware of the living world around them.

Classes I-II students planted various seeds they also took water as medium to grow roots of onion and then transplanted it in the soil. The learners had many questions from their curious mind and they were amazed to see long roots. They recorded the growth of the palnt in a diagramatic presentation.

Class III students had hands-on experience of planting crushed seed, soaked seed and seed rubbed with a sand paper to watch them sprout. They maintained a comparative record of the growth rate of the seedlings and which seed germinated early.

Class IV students took up Herbs and Spice gardening. They had hands on experience of planting seeds, stems and roots in soil as well as in water. They showcased a new concept of growing plants from food scraps. They took the initiative to create their own kitchen gardens, planting herbs like – coriander, mint, tulsi, lemon grass, garlic, etc. and spices like – celery, fennel, chilli, black pepper, etc. They maintained logs and diagrams of their observations and compared the strength of fresh and dried herbs.

Class V students researched and planted different herbs and vegetables, and now they are eagerly waiting for the first harvest.

Many learners have started their own kitchen gardens at home. Congratulations to these learners and parents for fulfilling our main purpose of the Green Monsoon – to encourage learners to go green in a concrete world.

Click Here for photographs of the event.

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