Student Safety in Private Vehicles

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14.09.2017 Communication from Delhi Public School Tapi

Dear Parent / Authorised Guardian

Security checks at school have revealed that the hired vans bringing your wards to school are frequently changing vans and drivers. As a result, they are often unable to show your parent I-card at the gate. We have been warning parents and van drivers repeatedly without much positive result.

Please note that DPS Tapi has not authorized any private van or taxi service to commute with students to school. Nor do we attempt to dictate parental choice. It is your responsibility to ensure that the private van hired by you for your convenience is safe and secure for your ward as well. Further, school needs your cooperation to regulate any private vans hired by you.

Note that in the interest of student safety:

  • No SUP student will be released from school without checking parent I-card.
  • If the driver is unable to present parent I-card then the concerned parent will have to personally pick up the student from school/admin office. An SMS dated 13.09.17 to this effect has already been sent to all SUP parent emergency contact numbers.
  • Please ensure that parent residence address and contact details are updated at school by you, as and when necessary.
  • Parents sending ward to school via your own vehicle – those who have not submitted self-attested, legible photocopies of all documents of their private vehicle (1) registration, (2) driver license and (3) police verification details should immediately do so.
  • Parents sending ward to school via hired van – those who have not submitted self-attested, legible photocopies of their (1) hired van registration, (2) school taxi permit, (3) driver license and (4) police verification details should immediately do so.

The above measures should be followed up on your side without delay to help us tighten security and safety of your ward at school.

Dr. Sanjukta Sivakumar


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