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13.10.2017 Communication from Delhi Public School Tapi

Dear Parents/ Authorised Guardians

Our students illuminate the first term ending of AS 2017-18 with many achievements, in academics, activities and in inter DPS, CBSE, district, state and national level competitions. These results are regularly posted on the principal’s blog and DPS Tapi Facebook and Twitter accounts under News Flash from Tapi Tarang 2017-18. Congratulations to all winners on the outcome of their dedication and hard work.

The present communication however, is mainly concerned with those members of our DPS Tapi family who see themselves as ‘low’ achievers and ‘slow’ learners because they don’t win medals or get good grades. In my observation, these DPST students (and their parents) spend more time feeling negative about failures than in identifying opportunities and developing strategies for remedial action. It would prove more helpful if instead, you stay focused on positive effort and time management without feeling discouraged. Self analysis and consistent effort lead to improvement. Comparing your own (lack of) progress with other cases or blaming outward circumstances will only cause bitterness and lower your self confidence.

DPS Tapi has firmed up security measures and strongly recommends that when school reopens on 01 November 2017, bus students of all classes should be escorted to and from their stops by a responsible adult with the DPST Parent ID card, to ensure safety and security. All students should wear winter uniform when school reopens. Those students who remain absent at the end or at the beginning of term should be dropped to school by their parents on the first day of their rejoining.

Happy Green Diwali and a prosperous New Gujarati Year to all our DPST family! Let past failures go up in smoke and present action resonate. May self confidence shine bright to overcome all darkness.

Dr. Sanjukta Sivakumar


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