DPS Tapi Annual Function 2017-18


30.11.2017 Communication from Delhi Public School Tapi

Dear Parent / Authorised Guardian

You are cordially invited to the 9th Annual Function of Delhi Public School Tapi

Schedule of DPS Tapi Annual Function 2017-18
Venue: Sanjeev Kumar Auditorium at T.P.S. No-14, Behind Rajhans Theatre, Hazira Road – PAL, Surat.
Friday, 15/12/17:

2.30 pm


Pre-Nur – Class II Live Your Dreams
Classes VIII–X

(Thespians on Stage)

King Lear
Saturday, 16/12/17:

2.30 pm


Classes III – VII River’s Tale
Classes VIII-X

(Natya Sandhya)

Chor Puran


  • One printed invite (admits 4) will be given to students in advance. Your ward’s participation in the Annual Function is obligatory.
  • On 01/12/17, please send a cash amount of Rs. ……………/- (notified in print) via the bus teacher of your ward, for costume-props rental. Put the money in a sealed envelope clearly labelled with your ward’s Name, Admission Number, Class.
  • All participating students will come early to the venue for rehearsal and annual function by school bus / SUP as per timings given in the class blog.
  • Please check your ward’s Bus Route No., Bus Stop, Bus Pick-up and Drop timings, SUP arrival & departure timings on the Class Blog for both, the Rehearsal & Annual Function. Please check timings against the Title / Date of Programme as given in the Annual Function Schedule above.
  • Students absent during rehearsals may be replaced due to lack of practice.
  • Function costumes will be given only to students present in Final Rehearsal.
  • Rehearsal Schedule on 14/12/17 at Sanjeev Kumar Auditorium:
Classes & Programmes Rehearsal Timings
Pre-Nur–Class II: Live your Dreams

Classes VIII–X: King Lear

8:30 am – 11:00 am
Classes III–VII: River’s Tale

Classes VIII–X: Chor Puran

11:00 am – 12.45 pm
  • On the Function day, students should come to the venue with the following complete:
  • Wearing function costume and accessories
  • Hair-style done
  • Basic make-up (foundation, eyeliner, eye-shadow, blush-on, lipstick)
  • On the Function day your ward should also bring a complete home dress in a sealed packet clearly labeled with Name, Admission Number, Class-section and Item Name, to change into after the function. Costume has to be returned immediately after the performance.
  • Students may carry a light tiffin and water bottle.
  • The auditorium will open for parents and guests at 2.30 pm. No entry without Invitation Card.
  • Guests cannot bring food/drink into the hall. Handbags may be checked at the entrance.
  • Photographs and video links by professional photographer will be uploaded to Facebook and School Website. Parents are requested not to stand / leave seats during the Function.
  • All students will return home with their parents after the function. There will be no school-bus facility for students.
  • Please bring your parent ID-Card to collect your ward after the function.
  • Students cannot leave before the conclusion of the function. In case of emergency, please hand over your parent ID-card to a friend in the audience for collecting your ward.
  • Parents are requested to follow instructions for dispersal announced after the function.
  • School will remain closed on Friday, 15/12/17 for students whose Annual Function is on 16/12/17.
  • School will remain closed on Saturday, 16/12/17 for students whose Annual Function is on 15/12/17.

Dr. Sanjukta Sivakumar


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