3rd DPS Tapi Model United Nations

News Flash from Tapi Tarang 2017-18

Classes VIII-X students participated in the 3rd DPS Tapi Model United Nations 2017-18 on 02 December 2017. They were divided into UNHRC, UNATC, ICJ, DISEC, UNFCCC and UNOD committees to present and debate on different world problems. Best delegates were awarded from each committee and DISEC was chosen at the best committee. The winners are:

DPS Tapi MUN Winners:
Best Delegate Dev Patel X-A
Best Chair Harshil Garodia X-A
Best Vice Chair Zara Khan IX-A
Best Advocate Pavitra Pati X-A
Best Speake Aniket Singh IX-A

Click Here for pictures of the event.


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