Update Your Ward’s Aadhaar Biometrics at 5 and 15 Years of Age


08.01.2018 Communication from Delhi Public School Tapi

Dear Parent / Authorised Guardian

This is to intimate you of the notification from the Unique Identification Authority of India, New Delhi, for Aadhaar (Enrolment and Update) Regulations, 2016. Please note the following pertinent points:

  1. Mandatory update for children: The above Authority requires the biometric information of children to be updated upon attaining five years of age and fifteen years of age in accordance with the procedure specified by the said Authority.
  2. Penalty for Failing to update Aadhaar: Where a child having attained the age of five or fifteen years of age, fails to update his/her biometric information within two years of attaining such age, his/her Aadhaar number shall be deactivated. In cases where such update has not been carried out at the expiry of one year after deactivation, the Aadhaar number shall be omitted.
  3. Keeping the above clauses in mind, please update your ward’s updated Aadhar Card (as applicable, as per the above mentioned norms) and submit a self-attested photocopy of the same at the earliest, and definitely before the end of the current Academic Session.
  4. Further, please notify school in writing if your ward’s biometric data updation for Aadhaar Card is pending. School has to immediately notify the District Education Officer of this pending update, whereupon, as per DEO’s assurance, they will take required steps for immediate Aadhaar biometrics updation, if necessary, on campus.

Failing to receive a written application from parents before the end of the current academic session, regarding the above updation of Aadhaar Biometric data of their ward upon attaining five years or 15 years of age, it will be automatically concluded by the school that their ward’s Aadhaar Card biometric data is already updated as per the norms stated by the Authority above and duly submitted to school as per the above norms.

Dr. Sanjukta Sivakumar


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