Road Safety Week at DPS Tapi

News Flash from Tapi Tarang 2017-18

DPS Tapi observed Road Safety Week from 8-14 January 2018 to spread awareness of traffic rules.

Pre-Primary students learned about the traffic signals, traffic police, traffic rules and symbols through signage board, discussions and stories.

Class I students conducted a special assembly on Road Safety on 11 January 2018. The assembly commenced with the speech on importance of Road Safety. The students sang a song reminding everyone to ‘Stop, look and listen’ while crossing a road. A dance drama on the traffic rules was followed by a Road Safety Quiz.

Classes I-V students performed street play, advertisement, mime, quiz, group discussions and keynote presentations to create awareness of safety measures for the road.

A Road Safety Awareness Workshop was held on 24 January 2018 for Classes VI-IX students and all teachers by Dr. Mridul Bhasin and her team from the MUSKAAN Foundation: for Road Safety, a Jaipur based NGO working for Road Safety since 2001.

Students were made aware of the Good Samaritan Law that provides basic legal protection for those who assist a person who is injured or in danger. Dangers of driving flouting traffic rules like using cell phones while driving, not wearing helmet, seat belt and speeding beyond the limit were imparted through sharing real-life incidents, thought-provoking videos and interactive sessions. Imparting First Aid to accident victims was demonstrated. The workshop included quiz on acts, laws and rules relating to road safety.

Students enthusiastically pledged to follow traffic rules as future torchbearers of the nation.

The 4th Inter-House Board Deco Competition on Traffic Safety was held on 30 December 2017 for the Primary Level. Students prepared 2-D and 3-D charts to spread awareness. The winners are:

Rank House
Winner Jivam
1stRunner-up Dhatu
2nd Runner-up Agni

Classes IX-X students participated in Inter House Road Safety Poster Competition on 5 January 2018. The winners are:

Inter House Traffic Safety Poster Competition: Winner
Name of the Student Class House
Archi Godhani IX-A Agni
Sachi Shah X-A Jalam
First Runner Up
Name of the Student Class House
Panthi Patel IX-A Jalam
Khushi Shah X-A Dhatu
Second Runner Up
Name of the Student Class House
Zara Khan IX-A Bhumi
Sheiley Patel X-A Bhumi

Click Here for pictures of the event.


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