Revision Time, Not Testing Time

Dear Parents

This is for you, if your ward is in pre Nursery to Class V at DPS Tapi.

I would like to clarify the concept of Revision Time for students up to Class V at DPS Tapi. This is the time set aside to ‘refresh’ the important concepts and skills in all subjects that will be required in future higher classes. Revision week is for thoroughly reinforcing this knowledge before moving on to new learning. There is some time set aside for revision at the end of every quarter. So there are four Revision Times during the year. These times may vary from a week to fourteen days, depending on what is necessary. Apart from this, there is some revision of previous concepts even during the term, covered in class or through homework. At all times, revision consists of specific questions or tasks, both oral and written, set by the teacher to revise important skills and concepts. The focus is not on rote memorisation, but on learning how to revise.

Many parents, however, have spread the myth, reinforced by ill-informed tuition centres, that work done at revision times is graded for the quarterly report card. This is entirely false. Every student is graded on the basis of work done throughout the term. So, if your ward has a high absence count at any time of the year, the grades for that quarter will not be good.

Your ward’s grades for the annual report card in March are nearly complete at this time – only the end of term performance remains. For some students, this grading will be for everyday class work and for others, the Skills Exhibition is yet to be graded. Parents need not worry about pre-poning / postponing Revision Time because this is pre-scheduled but not fixed. It is decided collectively, according to the progress of the students. So, there is no possibility of rushing over the syllabus or going too slowly – because even that is decided by the learning pace of a specific batch of students. If your ward misses Revision, or cannot keep up with work set – the grades will not be affected. But retaining knowledge and skills and coping with the next level may become a problem if your ward misses Revision.

School has arranged a completely stress-free system of learning for students up to Class V, yet some parents are only worried about Revision because they are confusing it with graded exams. Neither parent nor student comes to know in which period the grading is done during term. The Revision Time for students in/under Class V is different from revision before exams for Classes VI-X students. The focus up to Class V is study skills, not exam skills.

I suspect some tuition centres may be spreading panic about Revision portions and time available, only to justify their own existence and importance. Tuition centres with their additional class-work, homework and tests are only contributing stress to children’s lives. Moreover, unlike school, they don’t even provided one-to-one remedial care for the slow learners who need it.

Please feel free to approach school if your ward is feeling stressed about lessons at any time of year, not just before Revision Time.

Dr. Sanjukta Sivakumar



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