CBSE Class X Result 2017-18

Dear Students, Parents & Teachers

I would like to congratulate all students, parents and teachers on the 100% pass results in CBSE Class X 2017-18.

The school highest is 95% scored by Het Patel.

Highest Subject Scores as below:

English Communicative – 95% scored by Khushi Shah

Hindi Course B – 92% scored by Het Patel & Sachi Shah

Mathematics – 97% scored by Het Patel

Science – 98% scored by Het Patel

Social Science – 99% scored by Eshan Garg

23 students have scored distinction in their total percentage scores.

I especially commend some students who have passed their Class X Board examinations under extremely difficult personal circumstances.

I am proud of my students!

Dr. Sanjukta Sivakumar




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